Stereomohamed is the name of an online independent open platform for audio streaming unofficially founded in september 2015. The project, currently still under development, shaped up as evolution over international borders of a former italian web radio called “Inlineadaria” founded in Dalmine, back in june 2014. The main urge which brought us to conceive the platform was the necessity to autonomously share audible material on the internet. The virality of the carrier, which is the webpage onto which the content get streamed, shapes the identity of the radio itself. Stereomohamed doesn’t need a clear framework, it rather aims to form an aura into which anything is possible but especially where anything could make sense. Eventually the web radio deals with material that might drastically differ from one transmission to the other and so it is capable of shaping an impulsive medley of contents which inevitably reflect the “undefinedness” of contemporary media. Nonetheless the programme of Stereomohamed is also aiming to work as open display for third parties and so it also subordinates its original irrationality to others’ adjacent moods and structures. The crew involved in the radio consists of a handful of people all of which are operating in different creative fields; the group is deployed throughout different countries such as Italy, The Netherlands, England and Scotland. The radio stands on open source technologies (, avoids monetization and is proudly open to any kind of appeal. Stereomohamed so far hosted talk shows (, sound installations’ excerpts, lectures, interviews, and has collaborated with local music event series such as the ‘Sonology ShowLab’, ‘WonderWerp’, ‘Temporarily Closed’, ‘Jungle Warfare’ as well as with international artists and music producers. Stereomohamed stands as a great chance to convey different artistic expressions into an unrestricted identity, and by doing so it is able to release personalities who otherwise couldn’t operate in fixed formal frameworks.

Audio streaming platform.
by Marcello Ghilardi & Andrea Vogrig.